Will the BJP Secure all Seven Seats of delhi or will I.N.D.I.A Bloc Sweep Over?

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In this Lok Sabha elections, Delhi’s seats were also in the news. Because here too NDA and India Alliance had put in their full efforts. North East Delhi’s seat on which Manoj Tiwari and Kanhaiya Kumar were contesting. This seat was in the news the most. But now the exit poll results have started coming and Avani Kulshreshtha is telling what is the situation on all the seven seats of Delhi. 


The country is in the midst of conducting the world’s biggest democratic elections, and the environment could not have been more political. The people have given their verdicts, and the exit polls are out.
As the nation eagerly awaits the final count of the 2024 Lok Sabha election votes, exit polls have delivered a significant boost to the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). According to Mint, BJP is set to sweep all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. In the national capital of Delhi, the projections indicate a potential clean sweep for BJP, mirroring their performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

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The Axis My India Exit Poll 2024 has forecasted that BJP may secure 6-7 seats in Delhi, suggesting a near-total dominance in the region. The INDIA bloc, which includes the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress, is predicted to struggle, potentially failing to secure any seat,s or at best, limited to just one to two.
Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll has echoed this sentiment, TV9 Bharatvarsha-Polstrat also forecasts a decisive victory for the saffron party, asserting that BJP would indeed win all seven parliamentary constituencies in the capital.
Even the CVoter Exit Poll 2024, which offers a slightly more balanced view, still leans heavily in favor of BJP, projecting 4-6 seats for the party and 1-3 seats for the Opposition alliance. However, this is the most optimistic forecast for the INDIA bloc, providing a slim chance of winning up to three seats.

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The exit polls collectively project an overwhelming majority for the NDA on a national scale, with several agencies that the ruling alliance could secure between 350 to 400 seats. India News D-dynamics estimates around 370 seats for NDA, while Jan ki Baat forecasts a range of 352-392. Today’s Chanakya has gone further, suggesting that NDA might cross the 400-seat mark, an assertion supported by My Axis India’s projection of 361-401 seats.
The BJP’s robust organizational machinery has been effective in mobilizing voters, particularly in urban centers like Delhi. The party’s ground-level workers and social media campaigns have ensured that their message reaches every potential voter.

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The central government’s policies, such as infrastructure development, housing, and social welfare schemes, have garnered positive responses from the urban electorate in Delhi. These policies have helped in creating a strong base of support for BJP.
The exit polls for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections indicate a strong performance by BJP in Delhi, with a potential to win all seven seats. The projections reflect the broader national trend of the NDA securing a commanding majority, driven by effective leadership, a divided opposition, and strategic voter engagement. As the final vote count approaches, BJP remains poised for a significant victory, reinforcing their political dominance in the capital and across the country.

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