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Dalit Times is a platform that provide a voice to the voiceless. Its independent journalism focuses on representing the marginalised sections of the nation and brings forth the challenges they face.

Dalit Times has the largest number of dalit writers and journalists for any media channel. This includes 50 journalists including those affiliated to Press Club of India and 100 writers from academia and other prestigious institutions.

From covering cases of sexual abuse on dalit children and advocating justice for them to engaging with contemporary dalit leaders. Dalit Times is focused on capturing every issue and point of view that matters.

We bring a much needed subaltern perspective to social media platforms such as Twitter. Our verified handle has crossed 24,000 followers in less than a year from inception.

Dalit Times articles are quoted by well-known dalit activists and academicians.

We facilitate discussions on our Twitter spaces on critical issues such as reservation in the judiciary.
We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. We hope to continue our fight for justice.

We invite you to support our work in raising Dalits representation in the mainstream media.


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