DMK MP P Wilson reminds Indian NLUs to implement exact state-specific reservations

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P Wilson, the senior advocate and member of parliament from DMK has written to the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) of all the National Law Universities (NLUs) in the country asking them to implement exact state-specific reservations for courses offered by them as a reminder to the letter he has written earlier in the last week of December 2021,

Let you know that only two Universities have responded to the letter he sent on December 25, which includes National University for Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) from Kochi,  Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University (RMLNLU) from Lucknow.

P Wilson writes, “I am deeply saddened to note that barring two National Law Schools- RMLNLU, Lucknow and NUALS, Kochi who responded positively claiming that they are implementing exact state reservations in All India Seats and State/Local Domicile Seats in National Law Schools/University in the courses offered by them, other NLUs have neither responded nor have taken any steps to implement the Constitutional reservations/State reservations for SC/ST/OBCs,” Bar and Bench have reported.

P Wilson’s has also tweeted on this letter saying, “Today I have sent a reminder letter to all Chief secretaries/Vice-chancellors of #NationalLawUniversities to implement FY 2022-2023 onwards exact state-specific reservations for #SC/#ST/#OBC in All India Seats/State /Local Domicile Seats in all #NationalLawSchools /#Universities”

Let you know that the letter was written by him also cited the current Supreme Court judgment on Other Backward Classes (OBCs) reservations of 27% under All India Quota (AIQ), “I am citing this judgment only to point out that the Hon’ble Supreme Court had upheld social justice and social inclusion in medical and dental education.”

“The failure to implement exact quantum of state SC/ST/OBC’s reservation in All India Seats and State/Local Domicile Seats in NLUs will inevitably result in legal consequences,” the letter continued.

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