Faridabad: Dalit man shot to death by fellow locals.

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The murder of a young Dalit man was recently reported in a village in Faridabad, Haryana. The man was walking to the market when known locals intercepted him and began verbally abusing him using casteist slurs.

Story: Nitya Kaimal

In the Fatehpur Billoch Village in Faridabad, A 25-year-old Dalit man was shot dead after a fight between two groups. The victim, Devendra, was on his way to the market on Wednesday evening when the attack took place.

Sundar Lal, who was Devendra’s cousin, was the one to file a complaint against the group of locals that attacked his relative. Lal said that the victim and the accused had previously been involved in a fight back in 2010. In his complaint, Lal stated that the people who intercepted and attacked Devendra were Om Prakash, Shiv, Dheeraj, Dilip, Krishna, Dhruv, Mangeram, Shamsher Singh, Jagdish alias Chhotu, Laxman, and their relatives. Lal claimed that once they stopped him, a quarrel broke out at which point things turned physical. The accused also began hurling casteist slurs at Devendra right in the middle of the street. Support from both sides arrived at the spot shortly after, which is when things went from violent to deadly.

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“When they shot him, a crowd gathered in the area. They shot mercilessly. Despite this, Om Prakash, his sons and their associates continued to shoot, using casteist insults while firing. During the incident, a bullet hit Babulal in the jaw and he was hospitalized in critical condition,” Sundar Lal stated. In addition to this, six others were also gravely injured, but their identities remain unknown. Sundar Lal also describes the atmosphere and general emotions of the town after this tragedy, saying that the Dalit community of the area was in a state of panic and worry.

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Authorities claimed to have received a call of a shooting in Fatehpur Billaunch from the police control room. police then made their way to the village, where Devendra had already succumbed to his wounds. He was still transported to Sarvodaya Hospital, but nothing could be done, according to the police. The police stated that An FIR had been filed under sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including homicide, as well as the SC/ST Act at the Sadar police station, Ballabhgarh, on Thursday. No arrests have been made to date.


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